Mary Monro

Author of Power On

Mary lives in Edinburgh and practises as a Registered Osteopath treating people and animals. She was formerly a marketing consultant and began her career with Cadbury’s confectionery. She was born and raised at a farm on the edge of the Shropshire hills. Power On is her first novel. She spoke about her great aunt, Dora Metcalf, at The National Museum of Computing in June 2021 and at the British Society for the History of Mathematics conference in July 2021. Mary is a contributor to an anthology of Scottish Women’s writing, Lucent (8D Press 2021), in which she writes about her journey to visit Swordlands at Loch Morar.

Stranger In My Heart (Unbound 2018) was Mary’s first book, a memoir/biography about her father’s heroics in the Far East in the Second World War. It received coverage in the UK national press, various magazines and in the South China Morning Post. In February 2019 it was number 2 bestseller on Amazon UK in the “Second World War Biographies” category (ebook edition). Mary is an experienced speaker and presenter and had a 20 minute interview on China Radio International. She spoke about her book at the Bristol Literature Festival and Shrewsbury Literature Festival in 2018 and has spoken to numerous groups such as Women’s Institutes and the University of Bath. In 2020 she was due to speak at RFHG’s 7th International FEPOW History Conference in Liverpool, but it was cancelled due to Covid.

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