Hugh Cass

Lt Hugh Launcelot Cass, 1915

Lt Hugh Launcelot Cass (1891-1915), born in India, the elder son of Tommy and Betty Cass. He attended Malvern College before joining the Inns of Court Yeomanry OTC. He went back to India in 1912 as Assistant Manager for the Oxford University Press. He volunteered as a Sergeant in France over the autumn and winter of 1914-15 before being Gazetted to the South Wales Borderers in February 1915. He was killed by a sniper at Cape Helles on the Gallipoli peninsula on 19 June 1915. He was the love of Dora’s life and she maintained contact with his family until 1932, when she turned her attention to John and his family. She always kept his letters, safely locked away in her mother’s vanity case.

This is Hugh’s penultimate letter to Dora, dated 4th June, 1915, when he foresees the possibility of his death.

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