This website tells the story of my great aunt, Dora Metcalf. She was an amazing pioneer in the information services industry and she was the first female tech entrepreneur. I’ve written a novel based on her life, rather than a biography, as there are unknowns and secrets that leave tantalising blanks in her history. Here though, I have created pages that provide the historical background to her life. Please explore!

At the moment I am seeking a publisher for the novel and I hope to blog about the publishing journey, give readers some exclusive extracts, let you know about upcoming events, share blog posts about Dora from other sites and run some promotions and giveaways. Hit the subscribe button at the foot of the page to make sure you don’t miss out.

So, what news? This week is British Science Week and Dora is being featured on the Women Who Meant Business blog. This is a fantastic site that tells the stories of early businesswomen, creating a FT – She 100. There are some fascinating unsung heroines on there.

There is also a blog post about Dora on the Women Engineers History site, which brings to the light the stories of women in engineering and construction. There will soon be a post about Dora on the Women in Technology and Science Ireland site, so watch this space.

Published by Mary276

I am an osteopath and author of a memoir of my father, Stranger In My Heart (Unbound, 2018). My debut novel, Power On, is based on the true story of my great aunt, Dora Metcalf, the first female tech entrepreneur.

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