Norah Greene

Norah Greene (1885-1962) was Dora’s cousin – their fathers were brothers. Norah was raised in Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland, and married Charles Erskine Barton (1882-1918) from Glendalough in 1906.

wedding report Norah Greene and Charles Erskine Barton 1906
Norah’s wedding notice

They lived at an estate called Ruane in County Wexford, until Ernie was killed in France in the summer of 1918. Norah married Cecil Deane-Drake, who was Ernie’s best friend and neighbour, in 1919, and they had a daughter called June (1927-1999). June was great friends with her cousin Betty, daughter of Howard Greene.

wedding photo June Deane-Drake and James Stewart 1949
June’s wedding 1949. L to R: 3 bridesmaids, Norah, Cecil, groom Jimmy, bride June, bridesmaid farthest R is Betty. Photo supplied by June’s daughter.

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