Everard Greene

Article about CA Everard Greene from the Tabacus, BTM staff magazine
From Tabacus magazine

Christian Augustine Everard Greene (1878-1963), born in Switzerland but raised in Suffolk by his grandparents after his father died when he was 11. Co-founder of British Tabulating Machines (BTM) in 1907. He was General Manager until he joined the board in 1936, and retired from BTM in 1951. He became a partner of Dora’s company, Calculating & Statistical Services, when it was founded in 1924.

Everard married Venetia Gladys Wigram in 1908 and had 4 children. He was a keen cricketer, captaining the Incogniti CC team (a long established ‘wandering’ club that toured internationally) and encouraging cricket among the BTM workers. His paternal grandfather (William Greene) and Dora’s (Henry Greene) were brothers.

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