Hugh Cass’s Family

Tommy and Geoffrey Cass
Tommy and Geoffrey Cass, lady unknown.

Tommy Cass (1857–1939) and Betty Cass (1869-1915), Hugh’s parents, knew Dora’s family from India. They lived there from 1879-1907. Tommy rejoined the Royal Artillery for active service after Hugh and Betty’s deaths, when he was 59, serving in France and the Balkans 1916-18. Late in the war he developed eye problems and, in spite of several operations, went blind soon after the war. He was a great friend to Dora over the years and she often stayed with him at his home in Holland Street when she was in London. Tommy was known for his bravery, compassion and generous heart.

His younger son, Geoffrey (1900-1982), became friends with Dora, perhaps to keep alive a connection with Hugh. Geoffrey’s daughter and grandchildren were contacted by the author and they now have Hugh’s letters to Dora back in their family. Pictures of Tommy and Geoffrey are from their family archive, with kind permission.

Geoffrey Cass and Dora Greene
Geoffrey Cass and Dora
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