Power On

A woman pioneer reflects on her life as the first female information technology entrepreneur, inspiring her young friend with a tale of triumph over heartbreak, war, revolution, misogyny and ill health.

Based on the true story of a woman who believed that she could do anything. A young woman who could financially support her mother and disabled sister after her father died. A ‘surplus woman’ who could reinvent her life after the loss of her fiancé at Gallipoli. An entrepreneur who could create a market for commercial computations using new technology. A businesswoman who could succeed in a man’s world. An Irishwoman who could ignore the sectarian divide and succeed with both sides. A company director who could keep her nationally important work in the Second World War secret for the rest of her life. A retiree who could thrive in a lochside house without running water, electricity or road access. She tells her story to Jeanie, a young woman with a troubled past and an uncertain future, desperate to reconnect with her long-lost family.

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This is Mary Monro’s debut novel. Dora Metcalf was her great aunt.

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